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Can You Smoke CBD Hemp Tea?

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Written by Jack Woodhouse
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Hemp is a very versatile plant. Its sturdy fibre can be used to make rope, textiles and paper. Its seed and seed-oil is a highly nutritious food source. Hemp can also be used to make biofuel and a biodegradable plastic.

These days, it’s gaining even more reverence. Now for its therapeutic value. That’s because hemp naturally contains significant levels of CBD – the non-intoxicating cannabis-derived chemical that has become widely popular over recent years.  

Hemp CBD tea

With this, the flowers and leaves of hemp are now in demand and are being used to make health-products such as CBD oils and cosmetics. Many people are also now consuming hemp in the form of tea – which is simply the dried buds (flowers) and leaves of hemp plants stewed in hot water and milk.

Along with dried leaves and buds, hemp CBD tea also often contains a certain amount of stalks and seeds. The amount of stalks and seeds differs a lot amongst different brands and suppliers.

Smoking hemp

Many hemp tea consumers have also tried smoking the product. Although dry and with stalks and seeds, some brands of hemp tea are suitable for smoking. And some are even quite enjoyable, according to many use hemp in this way.

And with up to about 5% in CBD per gram, it can make a healthy substitute for tobacco. Alternatively, it could be used alongside regular cannabis to take the edge off a dose of THC.

Hemp vs regular cannabis

The difference between hemp and regular cannabis that people use recreationally and medicinally comes down to THC levels. THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you ‘high’, along with providing vast therapeutic value itself.  

Hemp is simply a term given to cannabis that has low levels of THC, as stipulated by the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015. Traditionally grown for industrial purposes, hemp is now widely grown for its CBD.

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