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CBD Cigarettes: A Good Alternative To Hemp Flowers?

CBD Fatty
Written by Ofer Shoshani
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While everyone understand now that there are real health benefits coming from vaping CBD flowers, it is important to remember that there are already good alternatives to high-quality hemp buds. Today we will take a closer look at CBD Cigarettes.

There are three main types of CBD Cigarettes: Pre-rolled CBD flowers, Terpenes infused hemp flowers & CBD infused herbs (with or without terpenes). All three of them offer us a better smoking experience, that the regular cigarettes, due to the fact they all have CBD in them and no nicotine at all. In fact, looking at the whole tobacco alternative industry, smoking anything other that CBD infused herbs, or hemp flowers, makes no sense at all, since this is the only way you can limit the health risks to the ones coming from smoking itself. Taking this to the next level is Vaping CBD Flowers, which might be your best option today, since you eliminate the health risks of smoking to minimum.

However, once we agree that smoking tobacco cigarettes is absolutely bad for you and that smoking CBD alternatives is 100 times better, we can take a closer look at some premium CBD cigarettes available today.

CBDoobie, the first natural CBD joint

20% off CBDoobie 60mg and CBDoobie 200mg

20% off CBDoobie 60mg and CBDoobie 200mg

If you are looking for an instant CBD relief, and want to try premium CBD infused Herbs, you should also look at the CBDoobie, the first natural CBD joint.

CBDoobie, by Euphoric Labs, is made from organic proprietary herbal blends, including chamomile and linden leaves along with 60 or 200 mg of CBD and the Terpene Profile ,giving you the taste of an amazing strain with the effects of CBD. Each CBDoobie is intended for at least 3 sessions, which makes it a very affordable product.

Currently, you can get it with an extra 20% discount, on top of the regular $14.99, which makes it a really good deal.

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CBD Fatty, your smokable CBD herb stick

Abother good alternative to smoking CBD flowers, is the CBD Fatty, ‘your smokable CBD herb stick’.

CBD Fatty (Diamond CBD)

CBD Fatty (Diamond CBD)

The CBD Fatty is made of premium CBD infused Himalayan and Indian herbs with 100mg of CBD in each ‘herbal joint’. The CBD Fatty has zero THC in it, and comes with one of the following terpenes flavors: Gorrila OG, Purple Haze, Sour Diesel and ‘Regular‘.

CBD Fatty Purple Haze

CBD Fatty Purple Haze

Your choices as a consumer are either to get it as a pre-rolled king sized Fatty, or to buy it as loose dry herbs and make your own ones. The price for one pre-rolled Fatty is $14.99, but for $29.99 you cab get 45g of these fine herbs, more than enough to make five of these smokable CBD herb sticks.

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Pre-Rolled CBD Hemp Flowers

Pre-rolled CBD cigarette - Cherry Wine (drganja)

Pre-rolled CBD cigarette – Cherry Wine (drganja)

Pre-rolled CBD cigarettes are simply ready-to-smoke high-CBD hemp flowers. Unlike CBD infused herbs, the main ingredient here is hemp buds. Premium, trimmed, seedless and curated, but still pre-rolled hemp flowers.

Not that there is anything bad with that. If you don’t feel like vaping hemp flowers, with all its medical benefits, then smoking CBD buds, can offer instant relief and an overall a very pleasant experience. Once you have decided to get your products pre-rolled, you main choice is the strain, since the price is usually around $10 for a pre-rolled 1g CBD cigarette.

Pre-rolled CBD cigarette - Cherry Wine - Grape

Pre-rolled CBD cigarette – Cherry Wine – Grape

However, if you do like to add some excitement to your CBD cigarette, you should look for one with terpenes, or flavors. Some will mix the flavors with the flowers themselves, while other will add it to the wrap.

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Whatever CBD cigarette you choose to smoke, remember that once you feel ready, your next experience is vaping. try both of them and see which one works better for you.

About the author

Ofer Shoshani

Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of CBD Testers.


  • You’re completely right in that CBD-rich hemp is a significantly safer alternative to tobacco. Tobacco kills 480,000 people/year in the U.S. while cannabis kills no one. Every store that sells tobacco should be legally required to also sell CBD-rich hemp so consumers always have a far safer option available to them right there at the point of sale. Cannabis companies should be lobbying legislators hard for this as it has the potential to prevent almost half a million premature deaths each year and will open a market up to them consisting of more than 37 million consumers. There’s big money to be made in the legal U.S. cannabis market!

  • Excess insulin promotes the conversion of sugars into stored fat and leads to weight gain and obesity. Hemp intake helps in reducing sugar levels

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