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Top 5 Resources You Didn’t Know Hemp Could Be Used For

hemp manufacture
Written by Tony Ottomanelli

Countless opportunities are being discovered from the cultivation of the hemp plant.

Hemp is a diverse, sustainable, and economical resource that can be used to manufacture endless amounts of products. This relative of the cannabis plant, also happens to be extremely low in psychoactive compounds.

Hemp Can Make Military Supplies

Title screen from the 1942 short film “Hemp for Victory”

In 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US government produced a 14 minute film called “Hemp For Victory” in order to motivate American workers to get in gear and start to aggressively manufacture more goods and products via the hemp plant.

During this time, hemp was used to make military supplies such as rope, parachutes, clothing, lightweight yet strong armor, and many other types of gear used by American troops.

Hemp Can Make Money

Over the years, hemp became considered a major threat to the American economy, mainly because the cotton industry was worried hemp might replace it. This was a major concern for countless reasons, one of those being that you can grow 3 times more hemp than cotton per acre.

hemp manufacture

Money is made with mostly cotton, which can be replaced by hemp

The cotton industry is the number one consumer of pesticides and insecticides, so naturally the those two industries disapproved of hemp production as well. Hemp typically does not need insecticides or pesticides during cultivation, at least not until after the harvest.

Not to mention, many may not realize this, but American money is made from cotton, not paper. Yes, all of our bills are printed on 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen, which means that all of our money could also be printed with hemp. Fun fact, the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence were printed on hemp.

Hemp Can Fly

A company known as Hempearth, built the world’s first hemp-based airplane. Although this particular aircraft was only made to seat 4 passengers, it is a modest start for an airplane made entirely out of hemp which can even fly among the clouds from incorporating hemp as a biofuel.

Hempearth is working on the development of a hemp jet

Therefore, woven hemp can produce a body of a structure lighter than fiberglass and ten times stronger than steel. Considering this, the Hempearth Company is currently in the process of finalizing a funding project for building another aircraft, except this time it will be a jet entirely constructed from the hemp plant.

So, the hemp plant can undoubtedly be used to manufacture airplanes, which could have a massive effect on the aerial transportation industry, influencing our day-to-day lives more than we may ever realize.

Hemp Can Drive

It has been said that in 1941 Henry Ford made an automobile using the hemp plant. This is not a myth, but it is not entirely truthful either. The car also used corn and soybean materials as well, so the car was not necessarily made fully out of hemp, though roughly 50% of the car’s materials were indeed hemp-based.

hemp manufacture

Many manufacturers are using hemp to make certain car parts

However, as of current, major car companies from all over the globe, like BMW, GM, Ford and more have announced that they are now using hemp to manufacture specific car parts. Hemp is used as an alternative because it is strong and lightweight.

Considering this, we should be expecting to see more and more of this innovation increasingly practiced by Big Business industries all throughout the global economy since the Bioplastics industry begins to gain traction as a sustainable resource as well as the biofuel industry.

Hemp Can Build Houses

The industrial hemp market has been evolving by creating some of the most innovative advances in the modern economy. For instance, Hempcrete is a combination of hemp hurd, the interior of the hemp plant stalk, mixed with water and hydraulic lime as a binder.

Hempcrete can be used to build houses

Hempcrete is a contemporary product used to build houses, due to its ability to insulate a structure. It is resistant to mold as well as pest-resistant. It’s also capable of regulating the temperature by controlling humidity, thus providing superior thermal performance, comfort for residents, and energy costs that are nearly 90 percent lower. Hempcrete is a revolutionary natural material. A toxin-free, low energy method of building using carbon-negative construction.

The Most Resourceful Renewable Resource

Clearly, the fact the hemp plant can contribute to protecting military troops, influencing more cost efficient transportation options and building more sustainable housing, just proves just how lucrative the industrialized hemp market can become.

There is no doubt we will be learning of more investments and proper funding pouring into modern projects using hemp. It is a no-brainer when hemp can produce so many things we utilize daily, and even the money we use to pay for these things.

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