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The CBD Business Weekly Review & Newsletter: Chocolate and THC, Novel Food Regulations, Tilray’s First EU Harvest, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks
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Happy Monday readers! Today we’ll cover a few pertinent topics impacting the cannabis industry, from the U.S. to E.U.

Let’s start with a recent discovery out of California. As it turns out, chocolate can interfere with THC testing which complicates dosing and can lead to products not meeting regulation. Also, what’s going on with the Novel Food Regulations in Europe? And learn what Canadian firm is eyeing the industry across the pond. All that and more in this week’s CBD Business Weekly Review and Newsletter.

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FEATURED STORY: Chocolate Interferes with THC Testing and Complicates Edibles Dosing

chocolate thc

When it comes to cannabis products, edibles remain a bit of an enigma. Confusion surrounds various aspects of edibles such has how they work, how much to use, and probably the most important, determining potency.

Because this industry is still in its infancy, very little regulatory oversight exists. With demand outpacing regulatory changes, that inevitably leads to problems – not only human error, but also issues that are more scientific in nature. Enter the latest dilemma facing the cannabis edibles market: chocolate.

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Canadian CBD Firm ‘Pivots’ To European Markets

Pivot Pharmaceuticals

Slovakia’s decision to end its ban on CBD is paving the way for new business opportunities. One of the first to take advantage of this reclassification is Canadian firm Pivot Pharmaceuticals. It has announced the purchase of a 51% stake in iAmHealth, a German-based online ‘nutraceutical distribution and sales platform’.

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European Novel Food Regulation – What’s It All About?

european novel food

Makers and sellers of CBD products should be conforming to the European Union’s Novel Food regime introduced in January this year. But, as things stand, just one firm Cannabis Pharma, a Czech Republic company, has made an application to the European Food Safety Authority. 

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Tilray’s ‘E.U. Campus’ Delivers First Harvest And Order


Tilray’s $22m investment into its European growing ‘campus’ is paying dividends with its first harvest – and first contract win. The Canadian Licensed Producer announced it has completed its first harvest at its wholly-owned subsidiary Tilray Portugal Unipessoal (Tilray Portugal). 

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