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CBD Flowers Weekly: Prerolls for $4.20 Each, Premium Hemp Bud Oz Specials, and more

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Written by Alexandra Hicks
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In case you missed the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter, here’s a quick recap of our bud specials and trending news stories.

Here you can find all the latest deals and information about high-quality CBD Flowers how to use them, what to look for, and where to buy them! Delivered straight to your inbox every Thursday morning. 

FEATURED DEAL: 1.5 Gram Prerolls for $4.20 Each!

CannaComforts is having a deal on their expertly rolled prerolls pack full of high-quality, CBD-rich hemp buds. 

Each preroll contains 1.5 grams of all-natural CBD flower, rolled in premium RAW Rolling Papers. There are 5 different strains available so you have a nice variety to choose from. 

As stock is VERY LIMITED this deal won’t last for long, so take advantage and stock up for as low as $4.20/preroll!

Available strains: Electra, Russian Automatic, Lifter, Suver Haze, Cherry

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Need to Stock Up? $2.5/gram for Selected Hemp Bud Strains

Preparing for the new harvest, CannaComforts is having a 30% sale on all the flowers left in their inventory, making it a great opportunity to stock up on some of the best available smokable buds.

As stock is VERY LIMITED this deal won’t last for long, so take advantage and stock up for as low as $2.5/gr!

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Available strains: Cali Gas, CB Dawg, and Siskiyou Gold

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