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The Best of Black Friday / Cyber Monday – CBD Flower Deals

Written by Alexandra Hicks

The time is finally here – check out our list of the very best CBD hemp flower deals for Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2019

After A LOT of searching, emailing, ‘blood, sweat, and tears’, we were able to put together this list of the ultimate Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals for CBD Flower. 

Although we were sent many deals to choose from, we felt that most were just not good enough to present to our readers. However, we did find a few diamonds in the rough. We hand-picked each and every one of deals on this list after researching various brands, strains, and leads. 

PLEASE NOTE: This list will be constantly updated between now and Cyber Monday, so if you have an excellent deal that we haven’t listed yet, please send it our way before our Cyber Monday article gets published this Sunday, December 1st. Please email me directly at [email protected] for more information.

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DEAL #1: $35 Ounce of Special Sauce from Whole Circle Farms

This certified organic strain hails from Whole Circle Farms in Silverton, Oregon. Special Sauce is grown outdoors on the American West coast and contains no pesticides, GMO’s, or other undesirable additives. Just 100% natural hemp, with 16.1 percent CBD content to boast.

These particular buds are Certified Organic by Certified Kind, Oregon Tilth, and the USDA. They’re federally compliant with THC level below the 0.3 percent cutoff.

For Black Friday only, you can get ounces of these potent buds for only $35 and there is no limit on the number of ounces you can purchase.

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DEAL #2: Stock-up on CBD hemp cigarettes from Hemptrance

With over 10% CBD, Hemptrance cigarettes are a great pre-rolled alternative!
This innovative product is great for anyone trying to easily achieve smoking cessation, as well as for those looking for a discreet way to use CBD flowers while on-the-go.

While Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes might look like traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes, they couldn’t be more different. Hemptrance cigarettes are made from organic, non-GMO hemp and each one contains minimum of 10% CBD Content! That equals out to 100mg of cannabidiol per cigarette and 1,000mg per pack of 10.
What’s more, these cigarettes have less than 0.3% THC; meaning they are federally compliant, and you can enjoy them in any city or state in the U.S.

You can stock up on unique product during Black Friday, while each carton is only $100. This is breaks down to only $1 per cigarette unit price. 

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DEAL #3: Mystic Roots Deluxe Sample Pack – 6 Ounces for $185

promote cbd flowers

This is the ultimate sample pack for anyone who wants to stock up but also have a nice variety of different buds. With this package, you can get a full ounce of the most popular hemp flowers from this year’s harvest.

Strains included in the box will be: Lifter, Cherry Picker, Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Suver Haze, and a CBG (cannabigerol) strain.

This bundle is normally priced at $285, but for Black Friday ONLY, you can get it for only $185! This is the ultimate gift box for anyone who enjoys smoking hemp flowers, get yours while supplies lasts!

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Other Deals You May Enjoy:

Although these deals didn’t make it into our top four, they’re pretty awesome and certainly deserve a mention. Remember to subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly for access to all these deals!

1. Berkshire CBD’s Tasters Menu – $21

For Black Friday, you can try out four of Berkshire’s high-quality CBD strains for only $21 (35% discount). Deal includes 1 gram of the following: Special Sauce, Elektra, Sour Space Candy, and Suver Haze. Regular price: $32.95

2. Kanna Bus Hemp Co’s T-1 Strain – $1.40/gram

This weekend only, you can get the strain Trump (more commonly referred to as T-1) for only $1.40 per gram (normally $2/gram). If you’re looking for low, low prices, this is the deal for you. Please note that this strain has 0.6% THC, so it is NOT federally compliant.

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3. Tweedle Farms Flower Gift Box – $40

This fun gift box contains four different 1/8s (half ounce total), plus two premium prerolls, a pack of rolling papers, and an enamel pin. Use the code for 20% off the already discounted sale price of $50, bringing the total amount that you will pay down to only $40.

4. NAM Wellness Products Sampler Pack – $20

Have you ever wanted to try something new but didn’t want to spend more than 20ish dollars? If so, this sampler pack could be the fun, low-budget adventure you’ve been looking for. Included in the bundle are some strains we aren’t to familiar with but they sound great! 1 gram each of Lemon Trainwreck, Super Citrus Haze, Sweet Hawaiian, and Alien OG.

5. Space Force Discounted Ounce from Apical Greens – $45

This is a new strain from the much-anticipated harvest, and we’ve heard excellent things about it. Space Force is dense, sticky, and packing over 17 percent CBD. Apical Greens is a well-known company and their $45/ounce deal is only valid for Black Friday.

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We hope you enjoy these CBD flower deals as much as we did! And keep in mind, this list will continue to be updated until Cyber Monday, December 2nd. If you have deals that you would like listed here, please reach out to me directly at [email protected] 

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