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Should You Be Stocking Up On Hemp Flowers Due To Coronavirus?

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Written by Charles Parker
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Not that we’re suggesting you throw all your money towards buying buds, but as the coronavirus has finally arrived in the U.S., you might want to consider stocking up…

With coronavirus spreading around the world, people are taking precautions and stocking up on essentials like toilet paper, water, and sanitizing products. Whether you believe all the hype or you think it’s all being blown out of proportion, at the end of the day, people are buying out entire inventories of items they think they need.

That said, as this deadly new virus spreads inside the United States, maybe now it’s a good time to stock up on CBD Hemp Flower, just in case you find yourself confined to the walls of your house for a couple of months.  

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Why Stocking Up Is A Good Idea

If you’re below the age of 65 and overall healthy, you have little worry about as far as getting deathly ill from a coronavirus infection. But that isn’t necessarily enough to keep you from getting quarantined.

Imagine this, you go on a simple shopping trip, only to find out that someone who was in the store at the time of your visit, just tested positive for coronavirus. Now, everyone that was in the store around that time is told they should quarantine themselves to their homes for the next couple of weeks. As a responsible adult, you’ll probably want to follow this suggestion, to avoid spreading the virus to the elderly, immune compromised and other vulnerable populations. But if you have no food, water… or flowers… what are you supposed to do?

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This is exactly why people are at stores like Wal-Mart and Costco, buying up all the toilet paper and water bottles available on the shelves – although I’ll be the first to admit that this is a bit over-the-top, but that’s beside the point.

You’re probably thinking that since you’re buying CBD flowers online anyway, it doesn’t really matter. But what if there are no affordable deals available when you need them most? Or what if virus-related issues with mail carrier services start to arise? In a scenario like this, it would be great to just be able to walk over to your own personal stash and know that you’re good to go for a while.

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Naturally, pounds are the best deal because buying in larger quantities reduces the unit price. But if you’re on a budget at the moment, you can also buy ounces for a very low price.

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