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Best Alternative Cannabinoids Smokable Products

Point blank, flower remains king when it comes to the most popular cannabis products. It’s included in nearly half of all dispensary transactions and makes up a large portion of online sales as well. Also popular are pre-rolled joints, blunts, and cigars, and concentrates like hash and moon rocks.

Despite forming the backbone of the cannabis industry (it did start with flowers, after all), smokeable products have been slow to pick up in the alternative cannabinoid market. At first, we had regular, CBD hemp flowers and the strains were limited to just a few, with similar flavors and minimal effects.

Then Delta 8 THC came into the scene, and producers began infusing their buds with this new, slightly less potent yet still psychoactive form of Tetrahydrocannabinol. Fast forward a few years to now, and we’re getting a huge variety of hemp flower strains containing every cannabinoid you can imagine – most popular are THCP, THC-O, Delta 8, and Delta 10 THC; but you can find even non-intoxicating alternative cannabinoid buds like CBG flowers.

That being said, we strive to bring you the very best, legal alt. cannabinoid deals on the internet. Below we have sourced some excellent deals on smokable products including joints, blunts and cigars, hash, moon rocks, and of course, raw buds. Take a scroll to see what’s on offer, and make sure to check back regularly as we update this page when new products are available. Enjoy!

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Let’s start off with the latest deals on some of the top-selling smokable products.

20% Off Sour Lifter HHC/THCP Flowers

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This is a unique blend of the Sour Lifter hemp flower strain infused with HHC and THCP. The combination of these cannabinoids should make for a very potent buzz, since both are said to be quite strong when compared to delta 8 and 9 THC. For a strong, yet uplifting high, this strain is a great choice. 

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$79.99 Ounces of HHC Moon Rocks

(Click the link to check out the deal)

If you’re not familiar with moon rocks, let us update you real quick. They’re small, popcorn-sized nugs that are coated in concentrated (usually some type of wax or distillate), then rolled in kief. Sounds amazing right? These ones in particular are made with hemp flower and infused with HHC. 

Current deal: Get a whole ounce for only $79.99/oz

Click here to stock up on HHC moon rocks

(Only $79.99/ounce)

33% Off Delta 8 THC Rose-Wrapped Cigars

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Yes you read that right, get 33% off delta 8 THC hemp flower cigar, filled with 10 grams of flower, and wrapped in delicate rose petals. Rose petal blunts, prerolls, and cigars and growing in popularity because of their smooth burn and light flavor. Only the best quality buds, no stems or seeds.  

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Click here to get your 10g rose petal D8 Cannagar

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20% Off Entourage Pre-Rolls

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Looking for a great pre-roll? Try the new Entourage Pre-Rolls, a superior ground flower treated with top-notch Delta 8 THC, THC-O, HHC, on top of premium hemp flowers.

Get it in IndicaSativa or Hybrid

Choose between: Sour Suver Haze, Sour Lifter, Sour Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Diesel, Sovereign Bubba Kush & Purple Punch. TIP: Get an extra 20% discount with cbdflowers coupon code!  

Click here to get the entourage prerolls

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