Delta-10 THC Deals

Best Delta-10 THC Deals, Coupons and Discounts

The internet is abuzz with talk of the newest cannabinoid to hit the market, Delta-10 THC, but where can you get it from?

It used to very easy, cannabis can make you high while hemp won’t, because of the low levels of THC. But in the last year, the family of THC have grown, with delta-8 added to the list and recently also Delta-10 THC.

While is still shining new, Delta-10 THC products are already sold online and we have found the best ones for you. The list below contains the top Delta-10 THC deals, coupons and discounts. For every deal in this list we have included a special coupon code. Don’t forget to use it as it will provide an additional discount!

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Delta 10 Vape Carts

Experience the new high of Delta 10 THC!



Have you ever tried Delta 10 THC?

Experience the benefits coming from the perfect blend of 70% Delta 8 THC, 20% Delta 10, and 10% cannabis terpenes. Enriched with Delta 10 THC, these next level Delta 8 products are proven to take you to a new high

Save big with the new Delta 10 THC vape cartridges. Use coupon code Delta25 for the additional 25% discount and get a 6 pack or 12 pack for a great price. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose between: 6-pack and 12-pack and don’t forget to use Delta25 coupon code.

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Maui Wowie Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridge

MAUI WOWIE Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridges
MAUI WOWIE Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridges

“Born on the islands of Hawaii, this high-flying Sativa blend will have you sipping Pina Coladas on the beach in no time! Maui Wowie brings your tastebuds a sweet pineapple taste which adds to the beauty of this strain.  Because it is a Sativa, expect to have your head floating in the clouds with a high-energy euphoria.”

This strain is best enjoyed when going outside to explore nature and enjoy the sunshine. 

Ratio: 70-75% Delta 8 THC, 15-20% Delta 10 THC & 5-10% terpenes

Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate, Delta 10 distillate and terpenes

Choose between: Maui Wowie, Hawaiian Haze & Ice Cream Cookies.

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VIBIN’ Delta-10 THC Tincture

VIBIN' Delta-10 THC Tincture
VIBIN’ Delta-10 THC Tincture

Want to try something new? The Delta 10 VIBIN’ Tincture is everything you ever hoped for and even more!

With 300mg Delta 10 and 700mg Delta 8 in every bottle, this new furmula will let you experience the unique benefits of Delta 10 THC, softly blended with Delta 8, which we all learned to love. If you are looking for a ‘mental euphoria‘ and wish to feel ‘happy and motivated‘ this product might be the one for you!

Size: 30ml

Strength: 1000mg/Bottle, 700mg of Delta 8 THC + 300mg Delta 10 THC

Terpenes Used: Sour diesel, Blueberry OG

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Delta 10 THC Disposable Vapes:

Blue Zkittlez Indica Disposable

Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape
Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape

This Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape comes in an amazing Blue Zkittlez indica terpene flavor.

This Delta 10 disposable vape is rechargeable, and has a mix of Delta 10, Delta 8 and terpenes. 

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Delta-10 THC Distillate:

Delta 10 Distillate – Only $15/g

Delta 10 Distillate - Only $15/g
Delta 10 Distillate – Only $15/g

Just in time for Mothers Day, you can get this high-quality 40% Delta 10 Distillate for only $15/g, when choosing the 10g option and using MOM25 coupon code. 

Current deal: use coupon code MOM25 for a 25% discount.

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(With coupon MOM25)

Delta 10 Distillate – 40% Delta 10, 1 Liter

Delta 10 Distillate - 40% Delta 10, 1 Liter
Delta 10 Distillate – 40% Delta 10, 1 Liter

If you need a whole Liter of Delta 10 THC distillate (40%), you can get it now for only $4,999.99, that’t $5/g when buying 1 Liter.

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