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CBD Testers Advertisement Opportunities


Promoting Your CBD Products

Are you interested in putting your product/s in front of the top people in the CBD industry? Would you like us to introduce your business to new clients? Can you benefit from improving your brand awareness?

We are currently offering CBD companies the following advertising opportunities:

  • Newsletter placements – One of the most effective tools we have are our newsletters, which cover every aspect of this booming industry. Having your products featured in our newsletters is the goal of every product owner.
  • Sponsored content – we will publish and promote your content, strengthen your brand, improve your SEO and drive targeted traffic to your website directly.
  • Product review / company review – in-depth coverage of either your company, your product or both.
  • Best CBD products pages – the ‘Best CBD Products’ pages are among our most popular pages with very high conversion rates. Any products featured there, will soon become a best-seller.
  • Feature your products in our articles – whenever we write an article we need to pick a few examples to show our readers. Wouldn’t you like to see your products there?
  • Ads / Banners – multiple ad spots available.

In addition, we have the ability to deliver your message via our social media networks, expanding your reach even further.

Who is this package for: Medium to big companies, that wish to introduce their products to our audience in a slow but carefully calculated process. Based on our experience, the best strategy is to run a three month-long campaign, leading to a mega-sale at the end of the campaign period. While we can and will assist you to sell your products from day one, the focus will be first on introducing the products and only later on selling.

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Product launch campaigns

Launching your product has never been easier than with the CBD Testers product launch campaigns.

With the right blend of sponsored content, newsletter advertising, and strategically placed  product reviews and product images, we will drive the right attention to you, exactly when you need it the most.

We currently offer one, two or three-months product launch campaigns, carefully tailored to your specific needs.

Who is this package for: Unlike the prior package, here we don’t place any time-limit on your campaign. While we believe slower is better, as it allowed us to introduce your product in the most natural way, we have the ability to speed-up the process and arrive faster to the final stage, the sales.

Keep in mind, that in most cases slower is better, and over-promoting is not always your best long-term strategy.

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Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Business Events

Do you need help spreading the word about your event?
We have designed a special package just for you!

Contact us for details: [email protected]

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