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CBD Testers Weekly News Digests

Wishing you a warm welcome to CBD Testers Weekly News Digests.

Here you will find cannabis or CBD-related newsletters for a variety of different aspects within the industry. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest cannabis news check out the news digests below for more information. Also, keep an eye out for CBD Testers’ General Information Weekly Digest too.

In total, we have eight in-depth weekly newsletters, each carefully tailored to your specific needs:

CBD Deals Weekly

cbd deals weeklyHere you will find all the most exclusive deals, limited-time offers, and seasonal sales for high-quality CBD products. Delivered to your inbox every Thursday at 11am EST.
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medical cannabis weekly newsletter

This newsletter has information regarding medical conditions, research and clinical trials, dosing and products, and other cannabis health topics. Delivered to your inbox every Tuesday at 11am EST.

CBD Business Weekly

CBD Business weekly newsletter

Covering everything related to the business sector of the CBD and medical cannabis industry including regulations, market insights, industry news and more. Delivered to your inbox every Monday at 11am EST.

Recreational CBD Weekly

Recreational CBD Weekly

The recreational cannabis sector is growing exponentially, so if you want to learn more about flowers, vapes, extracts, and more, subscribe to this newsletter. Delivered to your inbox every Friday at 11am EST.

CBD Flowers Weekly

cbd flowers weekly

Anything and everything you need to know about CBD flowers. Most people know THC Strains, but lately, CBD flowers have been growing in popularity. Delivered to your inbox every Thursday at 11am EST.

CBD Lifestyle Weekly

CBD lifestyle weekly newsletter

If it’s about fitness, beauty, diet, or anything else related to cannabis products in your day-to-day life, check out our Lifestyle newsletter. Delivered to your inbox every Saturday at 11am EST.


CBD Testers Weekly

If you can’t decide which one of our detailed newsletters you want to subscribe to, we also have one that briefly covers the most important topics from each sector. To learn more, subscribe to the CBD Testers Weekly newsletter,  delivered to your inbox every Sunday at 11am EST.


Pets Weekly (coming soon)

cbd pets weekly

As expected, this newsletter contains everything you need to know about giving your pets CBD. You can find information about dogs, cats, horses, and other household and farm animals. Delivered to your inbox every Wednesday at 11am EST.
We strive to keep you informed with the most accurate news and information available. You can subscribe to as many newsletters as you wish and you can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button, at the bottom of each digest notification email.
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