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Are you someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about medical cannabis, and especially CBD? A medical professional, scientist, researcher, business investor, legal expert, patient, or writer?

CBDtesters.co is an Israel-based, English language website, whose aim is to provide the global CBD community with interesting information about medical cannabis, health, research, regulations and products.

Please read our guidelines and website policies below, and if you think you have some content which could be mutually beneficial then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We currently accept both guest posts and paid sponsored content. 

Guidelines and Website Policies

  • All content must be unique as we strictly DO NOT accept duplicate content.
  • Articles must reflect the CBD Testers mission in terms of writing style/tone and direction.
  • Watertight attribution of data, sources, quotations or other third-party content, to be included in the body of content via hyperlinks.
  • STRICTLY NO backlinks or promotional links of any kind will be accepted on guest posts. Links can only be to sources of information/related sources.
  • Promotion of third-party products or services is strictly forbidden.
  • CBD Testers editors reserve the right to remove content and ban any guest post which contravenes our company policies, without notice.
  • No self-promotion whatsoever is permitted, including direct promotion of your own website.
  • You can include a link to your personal website in your Gravatar Bio (see below)
  • Republishing of your guest articles for CBD Testers on your own website or a third-party site is strictly forbidden.

Writing Style and Images

  • Always use the word “cannabis” or “medical cannabis” as opposed to “Weed, ganja, marijuana, herb, etc.”
  • Guest posts must be 650-1100 words in length.
  • Use Headings (1-4) when formatting articles.
  • Your content must be 100% original and unique (apart from quotes, etc)
  • CBD Testers editors will deal with tags, meta descriptions, images and internal links, so you don’t have to.

Gravatar Profile and Bio

  • Guest writers must have a (free) Gravatar account, with an up-to-date face image/head shot. We also want a 3-5 sentence Bio written there, as this shows up at the bottom of every article on our site.
  • Please visit Gravatar.com to obtain a profile there if you don’t have one already.

Please email [email protected] and use Guest Blogger in the subject. Please tell us what are you going to write about and why should we include it in our website.

Sponsored Content

Currently, we only allow ‘CBD Testers Verified‘ partners to advertise on our site, submit sponsored posts, have their products included in our ‘best of’ pages, include deals in our weekly newsletters, etc.

Regarding Sponsored Content, all guidelines above apply, with a few exceptions:

  • You may add one back link for each article, with keywords of your desire (please avoid using “best”, “greatest”, “most” and other similar terms, we won’t allow them).
  • Self-promotion, promotion of third-party products or services is partly allowed, as long as you keep it modest, mild and not “in your face”. When you come to promote yourself, less is always more…
  • CBD Testers editors reserve the right to refuse to publish your content until it is fixed  so please avoid from over-selling.

Please email [email protected] and use Sponsored Content in the subject. Please tell us what are you going to write about and we will return with pricing.

Thought Leadership

Will be announced on January 2019, please contact us if you would like to submit an article.

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