Delta-8 THC Weekly Newsletter

The DELTA 8 Weekly Newsletter

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The DELTA 8 Weekly is our newest newsletter, focused on the exciting world of DELTA 8 THC products. Each newsletter is packed with weekly deals, product reviews, in-depth articles and news, everything you need to know in order to get the best availabe products!

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As with any other CBD Testers’ newsletter, you will also get our premium content for free, including news, market insights, spotlight on products, science and above all deals!. If you ever asked yourself what DELTA 8 THC realy is, this newsletter of for you!

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Disclaimer: In the DELTA 8 Weekly newsletter, we only provide the list of available products and don’t sell them directly.  As the legality of Delta 8 products falls in a gray area, you should always check with your local authorities first.

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