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First Ever Cannabis Studies Degree Offered At Michigan University

Written by Ofer Shoshani

It was only a matter of time, though no one thought it would come this quickly. However, cannabis studies courses are an all-new reality, and you can take one at Michigan U….

Till now students at Universities like Vanderbilt and even Harvard could get credits for cannabis-related courses, but now at Michigan you can do a full cannabis course, and earn a degree.

The degree, which ruins for four years, focuses on everything to do with the cannabis plant, from growing to processing, and regulation of medicinal plants like cannabis. Students then have the option to take two tracks. One is the business side, with a sharp focus on business aspects and marketing. And the second is the biochemical approach, looking more closely at the science.

The University explains, “graduates will not only be qualified to perform the instrumental analysis in a laboratory, [they] will also be empowered to build their own testing laboratory, dispensary, and growing operation from the ground up.” The degree came into existence due to a perceived lack of staff in the cannabis sector. A sector which is growing steadily with all the cannabis legalization talk at the moment.

While the new degree does incorporate “Social responsibility in a Diverse World” and “Perspectives on Society” in it, it also teaches about cannabis from a scientific point of view. While the all-new degree is exciting for some people, it isn’t being touted as perfect for everyone at this early stage. That mainly has to do with the actual content of the degree and the coursework involved.

It is hoped that this new initiative will pave the way for other colleges to open their doors to a cannabis degree. As it is likely that in years to come such a degree will be invaluable, especially if cannabis legalization continues at the current pace.

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