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Cervical Cancer Patient Completely Cured Thanks To Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil
Written by Corre Addam

Not everyone who gets cancer wants to go through the emotional and physical trauma of chemotherapy – Shona Leigh is one such person, and she got rid of her cancer naturally…

Receiving the news from the doctor is most people’s worst nightmare. To know that you are sick, chronically, and may only have a few weeks or months to live. Most people just take their doctor’s advice and go through chemotherapy, even though it comes with devastating side effects and kills more people by far than it cures. Who could imagine that the Cannabis oil is the solution?

Shona Leigh from Queensland, Austrailia, decided that, despite having stage two cervical cancer, she would no go the medical route, in favor of the holistic route. So Shona went online, and was soon approached by a ‘compassionate carer’, who gave her her first bottle of Cannabis oil.

Shona took the Cannabis oil daily, and just eight months after, her test results showed that she was completely clean of cancer and very much in remission. Unfortunately, that situation didn’t last long, as after another four months, Shona had supply issues as Cannabis, despite being 100% natural with no side effects, is considered at least partially illegal. Her tumors returned and Shona felt like she was back at square one.

So Shona took it upon herself to buy large amounts of cannabis and extracts the medicinal oil in high concentrations, which she takes herself and gives to people in need. “I’m a criminal because of what I do. I don’t want to live like this,” she said “I’ve seen this save lives and in the face of what I know, I can no longer be quiet.”

For patients like Shona, the current situation with cannabis is untenable and needs to change. As doctors across the world begin to think long and hard about the Hippocratic Oath they took when they enrolled, and then go and subject another unwitting patient to toxic doses of chemotherapy and radiation, while always, always, questioning the validity of medical cannabis.

As Shona, and countless others will tell you – It’s time for change.

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