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6 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch To CBD Softgels Today

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Written by Corre Addam

With the seemingly never ending amount of CBD products available on the market today, it can be hard to know which is the best form and dosage for you. Here are 6 good reasons why you should switch to CBD softgels today:

  1. CBD Softgels are Odorless and Tasteless

There’s no question that CBD has its own unique, and some would say, funky taste to it. It’s nutty, and similar to olive oil, but some simply don’t like the taste. That’s the first good reason why you should switch to CBD softgels – there’s no odor or taste at all.

2. CBD Softgels are Easy to Swallow

You’re out and about, on a walk in the mountains with your partner, or doing some weekend shopping, but it’s time for your CBD. If you have CBD oil or tinctures, you’ll need somewhere private, a bottle of water or soda to wash it down, and that’s not to mention some tissues for the mess. CBD softgels can literally be taken anytime, anyplace and anywhere, simply by swallowing – and you don’t even need water handy.

3. CBD Softgels Offer the Most Accurate Dosage

If you’re a CBD oil or tincture user, you’ll know it can be difficult to know for sure that you’re getting the prescribed dosage when you take it. Though it’s easier to take more or less than a usual dose, the exact amount is nearly impossible to calculate. With CBD softgels, all that guesswork is removed as, like with any medication in pill form, the dose you swallow is exactly the dose you get each and every time.

4. CBD Softgels are the Most Discreet Way to Take CBD

We have had many testimonials and recommendations about the CBD products we provide. And for good reason. One of the things our community members love most about softgels is that they are totally discreet and can be taken anywhere without needing to worry about being noticed in public.

5. CBD Softgels are the Most Portable Way to Take CBD

In your top pocket, your bag or your pill pouch – softgels are the most portable way to carry your CBD around. There’s no spillage like from some CBD oil bottles, and softgels are compact and small enough to squeeze into even the tiniest of places.

6. CBD Softgels Can be Taken Daily For 24/7 Action

Another great advantage of softgels is that you can take your CBD daily, at fixed times, if your intention is to dose regularly with CBD and not just when you need it, as is the case for some people. With softgels you can take the precise amount of CBD that you need daily, for 24/7 action.

With all the great health benefits coming out about CBD, it’s no wonder that its grown so much in popularity. If you’re getting into it for the first time, or looking to find an easier way to take it, consider softgels for all the reasons listed above.

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