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THCV: Benefits of A Lesser Known Cannabinoid

Written by Alexandra Hicks
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As the name indicates, THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) has a similar molecular structure to THC but with an entirely different array of effects and benefits.

The psychoactive effects of THCV remain relatively unknown. In small doses, it’s believed to act as an antagonist to some of the cerebral effects of THC, however, in large amounts it may actually accentuate them.

Although cannabis has a reputation for increasing appetite (aka, the munchies), that’s only related to certain cannabinoids. Strains that are high in THCV like Durban Poison and other Afghan and African strains actually do the complete opposite and suppress appetites, which can be very beneficial depending on the health condition in question.

For example, it can be used as an all-natural weight loss supplement which could be a helpful aid in combating the rise of obesity in the United States. Not only that, but the effects on appetite are also believed to be a factor in regulating the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

THCv vape

THCv vape pen from California Cannabinoids

Because of this, GW Pharmaceuticals – creator of Epidiolex, the first FDA-approved CBD medication – is working on a drug made with THCV to treat Type II Diabetes and other diet-related disorders. Unfortunately, they’re stuck in phase II of the clinical trials so it might take a while before this treatment is available on the market.

Additional studies published in the British Pharmacological Society Journal have looked at tetrahydrocannabivarin’s role as a neuroprotectant and an anti-convulsant, both of which have shown promising results.

THCV also has a small presence outside the medical realm. Alternative modeling community, SuicideGirls,  created a line of vape cartridges called Chill Hustle Zero that are formulated with THCV so users don’t get the munchies. And they’re not the only company capitalizing on this lesser-known cannabinoid. California Cannabinoids just launched their own vape pen containing 25-30% THCV cannabis oil extracted from the rare Doug’s Varin strain, homegrown in California sun and soil.

Have you ever used THCV products? If so, did it help regulate your appetite so you could reach your weight loss goals or control your blood glucose? If so, let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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