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CBD Hits the Fast Food Scene with a New Burger at Carl’s Jr

carl's jr cbd
Written by Alexandra Hicks
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If anything can be said about the current state of CBD, it’s that this cannabinoid is extremely trendy.

CBD is so trendy in fact, that even a major corporation like Carl’s Jr is getting on board. The fast food chain is testing out a CBD burger that will be available for one day only – 4/20 of course – at one Denver location. The burger features two beef patties over fries, topped with cheese and jalapenos and loaded with a CBD-infused “Santa Fe sauce.”

They partnered with Bluebird Botanicals for the test. Predictably, the burger, named the Rocky Mountain High Burger Delight, will sell for $4.20 and you have to be 18 years old to purchase it. Don’t get your hopes too high about feeling the effects of the CBD though, as each serving will only contain 5mg.

carl's jr cbd
The Rocky Mountain High CBD Burger Delight. Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr Twitter account

Despite this being a limited promotion, the company swears it’s not a publicity stunt but rather, a marketing test to determine whether a CBD burger should be part of their permanent menu. “It is something that feels right for the brand,” said Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for Carl’s Jr. “We are all about innovation.”

Now, this situation begs a couple of pressing questions. First of all, the FDA has made it very clear that CBD cannot be sold as a food ingredient, so how does that play out here? According to Trevino, “Carl’s Jr. isn’t promoting any possible functional benefits of CBD.” Hopefully that’s enough to keep them out of trouble.

Number two, CBD is typically associated with health and wellness, so how exactly will it fit in with the fast food industry? Most food products containing CBD are organic and natural, so it’s hard to imagine getting your dose of cannabidiol from a greasy, fast food burger.

Either way, we’re all very curious to see how this test goes. Because Carl’s Jr. is selling this product for only one day in just one location, they can get the product to customers quickly and it also allows them to easily keep track of the feedback. If I was in Colorado, I’d likely test it out, if only for the sake of good reporting.

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