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UCSD Set to Research Cannabis for Multiple Conditions

ucsd cannabis research
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego are seeking more than 130 people to participate in cannabis-related clinical trials.

There will be a total of four clinical trials coming up, one of which is a study on children. The center for Medical Cannabis Research at UCSD will focus on the use of cannabinoids to treat autism, schizophrenia, anorexia, and tremors. All of the studies are planned for this year and they will all be conducted separately.

The autism trial will examine 30 children between the ages of eight and twelve who have been diagnosed with severe autism. The goal is to determine whether CBD treats any of the symptoms associated with ASD, as well as observing how the cannabinoid improves brain connectivity, how it affects neurotransmitters, and if it can be used to alter neuroinflammation – a condition that’s commonly linked to autism.

The schizophrenia study will involve 78 adults who have been recently diagnosed with the disorder and are currently taking antipsychotic medication. They will utilize a double-blind procedure in which half of the participants will receive oral doses of CBD over the course of six weeks.

A third clinical trial aims to discern if CBD can effectively treat adults suffering from anorexia nervosa, a condition that causes a food aversion resulting in dangerously low body weight. This study will include only 10 adults and will also be a double-blind procedure.

Finally, the last study will look at the combination of both CBD and THC in the treatment of essential tremor. Sixteen adults with the condition will participate in this double-blind trial in which researchers will use a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio medication to treat half of the participants.

Anyone who’s been diagnosed with the above conditions who might be interested in participating this groundbreaking cannabis research can get more information or apply through the UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research website

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