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Study Shows that Millennials Prefer CBD for Mental Health

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

A recent study from EOS Scientific reveals that a growing number of millennials prefer CBD over prescription drugs for mental health disorders.

The study looked at more than 2,000 adults in the UK who are seeking better treatment options for issues related to mental health. As it turns out, many of them – especially millennials – are more inclined to use CBD in lieu of prescription medications. In the UK, the millennial age group is defined as those aged 18-34 years.

A common theme that arose was the fear of being prescribed a medication that is too severe for the level of symptoms, and thus, causing unwanted side effects. Apparently, nearly 30 percent of Brits of all ages, and 47 percent of millennials, share this trepidation.

Additionally, 34 percent of millennials prefer to manage their mental health with natural and holistic remedies, and 50 percent of millennials believe CBD oil is the best way to do this. When it came to Brits of all ages, the numbers were 24 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

In terms of total numbers, the research revealed that 15 million people in the UK have some level of concern regarding prescription medications for treating mental health conditions.

According to Simon Manthorpe, CEO of Eos Scientific, “The number of UK users of CBD oil has almost doubled in the last year, with many claiming the cannabis-based products are a more natural and easily accessible way to manage their mental health. While prescribed medicine will always be the recommendation of medical professionals, we are seeing increasing numbers of people turning to more alternative remedies, not just for their mental health but for any number of ailments.”

I personally, am of the belief that whatever makes you feel most comfortable and is also effective, is the best way to go. There is no need to take powerful prescription medications when you can find relief from a safe and natural remedy.

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