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Can Smoking CBD Flowers Make Anxiety Worse?

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smoking cbd anxiety
Written by Steven Bridge
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As people suffering from anxiety look for effective ways to alleviate their symptoms, smoking CBD flowers is becoming an increasingly popular way of dealing with this soul-destroying and potentially life-threatening condition.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety on a constant basis will tell you that life can be a living hell at times. While it’s natural to worry, within reason, about paying your mortgage or taking your car for a service at the right time, people with anxiety disorders worry and fret disproportionately and sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis. Many folks diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) or more specific anxiety-related conditions do what they can to stave off the worries, but that usually includes taking toxic, mind-altering drugs known as psychotropics.

When people notice their anxiety getting worse for no apparent reason, their first port of call will usually be their doctor. He or she will many times prescribe drugs in the SSRI category, such as Prozac or Zoloft. These drugs can work for some people as they stop an excess of serotonin from going back into the brain. Without wanting to get too technical, these drugs are also dangerous for many people and almost impossible to give up as they create severe dependency. And that’s precisely where CBD Flowers come into play.

CBD is a natural compound that occurs in the cannabis plant and is the baby cousin of THC – the more well-known compound in cannabis which gets you high and leaves you stoned. THC has also been connected more than once with anxiety and panic attacks, especially when taken on an empty stomach in large amounts by novice or occasional users. Most cannabis available today – whether on the black market or legally from dispensaries – is specially cultivated to be THC-heavy to maximize the stoned effects. CBD has the opposite effect and has been found in some studies to counteract anxiety induced by taking too much THC.

According to Martin Lee, author of the best seller ‘Smoke Signals‘, “Cannabidiol (CBD) balances the buzz and softens the euphoria – or, in some cases, the dysphoria – induced by THC, which can make people feel very loopy and weird. “CBD is the yin of THC’s yang,” he wrote. What’s more, THC and CBD are thought to work in a unique symbiosis together whereby they enhance each other’s effects.

Anxiety and high-intensity usually go hand-in-hand, so there is a price to pay when smoking CBD buds for anxiety. While CBD Flowers leave you feeling relaxed, calm and with a state of wellbeing, that also means some people feel slightly sedated, drowsy or even lethargic when they start using CBD Flowers or other CBD products. This issue is easily solved by merely lowering your dose of CBD at any given time, but it takes some practice – as with most things in life – to find your sweet spot.

According to user experiences reported online as well as some limited clinical studies and papers, CBD does not increase anxiety and is used to prevent it. When it comes to taking THC-heavy cannabis – whether it’s in edible form, smoked or vaporized – many people look for strains that have a good percentage of CBD in them to ensure they won’t get too high from the THC alongside. There are also those who use CBD Flowers, CBD Tablets and other CBD products if they took THC and felt anxious. For many, CBD really is the “yin” of “THC’s Yang.”

CBD works in conjunction with the Endocannabinoid System present inside all humans (all mammals actually) which regulates things like sleep, appetite, mood, and anxiety levels. For many people out there it’s not a case of CBD causing anxiety, but that it’s one of the best, most natural and organic ways to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and over thinking.

If you suffer from anxiety and are looking for a natural, non-toxic and non-addictive solution, it’s well worth some research to see if smoking CBD Flowers could be the answer for you.

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About the author

Steven Bridge

Having been a cannabis and CBD aficionado for many years, Steven spends much of his time opposite a shiny MacBook, researching, exploring, understanding and creating interesting reading for people interested in knowing more about CBD, Vaping, Cannabis Strains and Delivery Methods, and just about anything related to magical green herbs that help people with anything from sleepless nights to pain.


  • I have no idea about CBD oil, but I do know about acid reflux. Give me a minute and hear my tale.

    I had reflux for years before I was diagnosed with Stage 2 esophageal cancer in October 2000. Went through 6 months of chemo and radiation and ended up with a transthoracic esophagectomy in April, 2001. For the first year right after surgery I was reflux free and there was joy across the land. But, at the end of the year I had reflux from hell including aspiration that ended with chemical pneumonitis.

    From that point on, reflux returned as a fact of life. I did everything suggested to avoid it, but nothing worked. Spent a pile of money on drugs, antacids, wedge pillows, bed risers and adjustable beds. Followed all the rules about not eating for 3 hours before bed and all the rest. But, the reflux continued.

    And then I was sent to see a general surgeon on the suggestion of my internist. This doc told me about a couple of his patients who had esophagectomies for reasons other than cancer and who also suffered terrible reflux. One was so bad that he was admitted to the hospital several times a year for bronchitis and pneumonitis until the doc put him on a new drug regimen.

    So I tried it and, since last July, have not had a single incident of reflux! In November, we removed the bed risers from under the head of the bed and I have been sleeping normally on a flat bed ever since.

    The drug is Erythromycin 250mg taken before meals. The drug increasing motility of the digestive tract so the stomach is empty. It’s an old antibiotic and is now as expensive as hell. CVS is charging $470 a month, but it’s worth it. I no longer fear aspiration reflux when I go to bed.

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