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How To Choose The Best CBD Flowers

cbd flowers
Written by Steven Bridge

When it comes to choosing the best CBD flowers in the jar on the shelf of the dispensary, there are some factors you need to take into account.

You’ll want to see how the CBD flowers look and smell, and don’t forget about those all-important lab results. When a consumer buys an item – whether in the store or online – they want to make sure they are getting the best quality, best value for money, and the safest product available.

There’s the product description, the technical details, and then customer reviews; all there to help you make your decision before you buy. But sometimes you need to go that extra mile to be totally sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Things like cultivation methods, appearance, aroma, and bonafide third-party lab results are all things you’ll want to look for before buying CBD flowers – whether online or from a retail outlet.

You may also want to ensure that the CBD flowers you’re interested in contain less than 0.3 percent THC so that they won’t make you high. It’s also always good to know if there are any other additives or extra ingredients in the mix, and that’s where the lab tests come in handy

Let’s take a closer look at the most critical factors to consider before buying CBD flowers to ensure quality, potency, safety, and of course, value for money.


cbd flowers

Macro view of trichomes on a cannabis bud

The first thing to look for, as with so many other products, is the appearance. Just like tasty apples look fresh and juicy, the same principle applies to CBD flowers. CBD flowers are always green (if they’re brown that’s a huge red flag.) The green hue ranges from garden pea to lush meadow, and CBD flowers should look like well trimmed, dense buds.

It’s always good if you spot frosty crystals on your CBD flowers as these are the trichomes that contain a lot of the goodies. You also want to ensure you’re buying flowers and not just a bag of CBD shake. Shake is the word given to the “bottom of the bag” buds, leaves and stalks that come from the bag being handled too much. Even though it’s essentially the same, shake is considered inferior – or of lesser value. If you end up with shake, the price should be discounted. 


When it comes to buying CBD flowers, it’s a little like buying normal flowers, fruits or vegetables. The best quality CBD flowers that have been grown correctly and with plenty of love have a pungent smell – similar to cannabis. That strong aroma indicates that the flower contains a good amount of terpenes, CBD and other flavonoids.

When choosing CBD flowers in a dispensary, it’s a good idea to ask the budtender to give the flower a little pinch for you so that when you smell it, all of the fragrances are released. Checking the smell of the CBD flowers you’re interested in is the second port of call after appearance, and look out for sweet, sour, fruity, earthy or piney aromas for the best CBD flowers.

Lab Testing

Any reputable CBD company worth their salt will send their CBD flowers for lab testing by an accredited third-party lab facility. The best companies will even test their flowers on a batch-by-batch basis, but that isn’t always necessary.

cbd flowers

Lab testing is important in guaranteeing safety and quality

The lab report is one of the most important things to look at when buying CBD flowers. They ensure that the flowers were cultivated correctly and in line with best practices. They also display the cannabinoid profile in the flowers so you can see how much CBD is inside. Double check that the lab tests were carried out by an accredited laboratory; in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Finally, always make sure that the lab test you’re looking at is relevant in terms of date. If it’s two years old, it isn’t much use to you. Also, be sure to check the Heavy Metal and Contaminant Analysis part of the report to ensure the flowers are safe.

CBD Content

Any legitimate third-party lab results will include a section called “cannabinoid profile.” This is a detailed analysis of the percentages of the different cannabinoids in the flower, with the main one you’ll want to look out for being CBD of course.

You’ll also want to double check that the flowers you’re interested in don’t contain a THC level of 0.3 percent, which is negligible. IF it goes above that percentage of THC, you could find yourself embroiled in legal issues, as well as feeling high. Most good quality CBD flowers contain almost no THC but high percentages of CBD, usually ranging from 7-25 percent.

Beginners are advised to opt for the lower CBD percentage strains as a starting point, while advanced CBD users will prefer the higher CBD content.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing CBD buds always make sure you check the look, aroma, lab results, and CBD content inside. It’s also a great idea to read customer reviews online from verified buyers who have already purchased the product. If you see one particular company with a strain that has more than a thousand five-star reviews – you know you’re on the right track.

However, when it comes to CBD flowers, as with so many other things, it’s more about personal taste than anything. If you have fulfilled the factors mentioned here but just feel drawn to one particular CBD flower because of its smell or appearance, it’s often a good idea to go with your gut.

As long as the third-party lab results check out, it’s more or less plain sailing. Always feel free to reach out to the company you are buying from with any questions you might have. 

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