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Great Deal – $2/Gram of Indoor CBD Flower

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Written by Alexandra Hicks
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Not to be confused with its THC-dominant counterpart by the same appearance, in this version of indoor CBD flowers are the star of the show.

These indoor CBD Flowers are a dispensary-quality new stain produced especially for the much-anticipated 2019 hemp flower harvest. This strain is grown indoors in Alabama, United States, it’s carefully hand-trimmed so there are no extra stems and leaves, then it’s cold cured for 3 weeks to bring out the flavorful terpene profile and develop the crystally trichomes to perfection.

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Not a lot of information is available about this CBD-rich flower, but this batch in particular has 13% CBD content and only 0.12% THC, making it federally compliant and legal throughout the entire United States. The ratio is roughly 21:1 CBD to THC. 

When you get these flowers, you can expect to see dense, bright green buds covered in orange hairs and sticky crystals that are rich in cannabidiol and other cannabinoids and terpenes. The flavor is smooth and not too overpowering, and it has a sweet subtle aroma that users generally enjoy. This strain is great for anyone wanting to relax and unwind without getting stoned into oblivion.

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