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The 5 Most Important Recreational Drug Experiences

recreational drug experiences
Written by Joseph Mcqueen
There are some moments in your life that you’ll look back on and think…I’m glad that happened. Some of these moments are good, and some of these are less so. Nonetheless, you learn from these experiences. Recreational drug use is often demonized, and, in certain ways, this should be the case. However, drugs are a part of society, and there is a way to have a healthy relationship with them.

Today we will be exploring the 5 most important recreational drug experiences that can be used to shape this healthy relationship with substances. Afterall, many recreational substances are now being more commonly used in therapy and medical practices, and there’s no reason why you can’t find a similarly useful benefit from them too. 

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The Importance of Drug Experiences

Drug education and recreational drug experience are two separate things. However, they shouldn’t be. Much like most taboo subjects, drugs are taught in a very conservative and old-fashioned way at schools today. For too long now, drugs have been portrayed as solely negative and dangerous substances. Whilst of course there can be severe consequences for the mishandling of drugs, there is also a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had. Plus, regardless of the way drugs are educated, it’s highly likely that young people will inevitably try them at some point. According to Drug Abuse Statistics:

​​”2.08 million or 8.33% of 12- to 17-year-olds nationwide report using drugs in the last month.

Among them, 83.88% report using marijuana in the last month.591,000 teenagers aged 12- to 17-years-old used an illicit drug other than marijuana in the last month.”

These statistics highlight, of course, children at a young age, but the number obviously increases between 18-25. However, if the aim is to demonize all drugs and avoid discussing the nuance of them, then the likelihood is that young people will go into using drugs with a morphed perception. In other words, the substances will have an allure of taboo about them, like the apple in Adam and Eve. As many will tell you about basic psychology, this often only makes these substances seem more appealing. It’s just like how Europeans who drink wine with their parents growing up will have a better relationship with alcohol as adults, than English or Americans who don’t get to touch a drop until they reach a certain age and then take part in binge culture. 

Therefore, whilst we wait for drug education to improve, there are certain drug experiences that are crucial in the better understanding of drugs. Some are bad, some are good, all are helpful. Let’s take a look.

1 – Sharing a Joint 

The relentlessly told and worn out myth of cannabis is often the first thing that a young person hears about this substance. This myth being that cannabis makes you apathetic and lazy. However, that’s not the only commonly told theory of cannabis, some will even go so far to say that cannabis will consistently cause psychosis. Whilst there are specific cases where the overuse of cannabis has led to negative effects, there’s also a lot of benefits to gain from this incredible plant. That is why the first joint shared with a friend or a family member is crucial in the development of a mature and healthy relationship with the drug.

When a young person first gets his or her hands on cannabis, they often have very little knowledge of how it works. That is why young people often end up smoking too much of it and overdosing on THC – and basically not having a very good time. In fact, some young people even try ingesting cannabis buds, without realizing that before cannabis is decarbed and heated it is basically a non-psychoactive THCA substance. Patriot Care writes:

“Through this process, THCA is converted to THC, CBDA is converted to CBD and so forth. Interestingly, a cured cannabis flower actually contains very little THC until this heating process is complete”

Cannabis has many benefits, the more you learn about it. Recreationally, cannabis can open up a person’s mind, connect people to others and the world around them and ultimately raise morale. It’s this part of cannabis that is often missed when young people ignorantly overuse the substance due to a lack of drug education. That is why the feeling of that first enjoyable, relaxed joint shared with friends is crucial and a huge learning curve of what a mellow relationship with cannabis can be. 

2 – The Psychedelic Journey

Next up is psychedelics. Psychedelics are definitely a drug that is better suited to the older mind, despite the fact that – in some ways – the experience will feel like a return to your youth. Magic mushrooms and acid can cause you to have severe hallucinations and trips, for up to 12 hours. The psychedelic journey forces you to face your inner world – be that happy thoughts, or negative ones. That is why enduring a psychedelic trip is so important, so that you realize how to enhance your experience, whilst keeping it safe. Doing it in a safe environment, with a trip sitter, is often a good way to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Whilst some may avoid psychedelics due to their extreme side effects, others may want to try them with caution. The first psychedelic journey can dictate how the rest of your experiences go, that is why it’s so pivotal.

3 – The K-Hole

Although experiencing a k-hole is awful, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, it’s quite an important learning curve if you’re someone who is not careful with how much ketamine you take. Very Well Mind defines this experience:

“Falling into a k-hole” is slang for how it feels when you take a high enough dose of ketamine that your awareness of the world around you and your control over your own body become so profoundly impaired that you’re temporarily unable to interact with others—or the world around you.”

Whilst it can sometimes feel like the world has stopped, it’s important to realize what ketamine actually is – a tranquilizer. Ketamine is a wonderful recreational drug if used appropriately and it can also be used in the medical world to assist with depression. However, the k-hole experience is a constant important reminder of how potent this substance is. 

4 – Ecstasy at A Gig

The next important recreational drug experience involves Ecstasy. Ecstasy or MDMA is a euphoric and upper drug that, when used correctly, can cause pure happiness. Whilst cannabis overdosing is unlikely, the misuse of ecstasy can be far more dangerous. Again, this is why the education of how to use this drug is so key. Using this substance in a live music scenario is a very helpful learning curve. At its worst and when misused, ecstasy can cause heart palpitations and heart attacks. Not only that, but it can make you misjudge the amount of water you need in the body. That is why some young people can overdrink or under drink whilst using it. Banyan Treatment Centre writes:

“When a person takes Molly or Ecstasy, their body temperature rises and they may begin to feel dehydrated. In fact, one study found that 85% of participants showed signs of dehydration due to MDMA…One of the dangers of taking this drug is that it can lead to overhydration as well.”

When you’re young and you first take ecstasy at a gig, you can experience both these phenomena. It’s becoming aware and mindful of these moments that will allow you to have a healthy relationship with ecstasy. You’ll hopefully become used to always having a bottle of water with you, some chewing gum, and taking frequent but small sips. It’s not only the safety precautions that make this experience so important, but it’s also the sheer euphoria that you will feel when music and ecstasy combine. It’s like no other feeling in the world. It’s beautiful. 

5 – Cannabis Edibles

black market edibles

The final important recreational drug experience comes from cannabis edibles. Many people will assume that ingesting cannabis and smoking it leads to basically the same feeling. This is simply not true. Smoking cannabis can cause effects within minutes, and these effects can subside within an hour or so. However, digesting cannabis edibles can cause effects in up to an hour, and these effects can last several hours. Plus, the high feels slightly different. Often edibles will cause a more body high. It can genuinely feel like a completely different feeling. This lesson is important to learn so that you can avoid digesting too much and ‘throwing a whitey’. 


With the lack of drug education, all most young people have is their experiences. It’s these early experiences that will shape their relationship with drugs for the better or for the worst. These 5 crucial lessons and experiences – that many go through – will hopefully create a healthier and safer recreational drug experiences.

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